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A strong brand will only stay strong if you remember exactly what got you to the top and you do what’s required to stay there.



What is Branding?

and design are inseparable. A brand is not your logo it’s a gut feeling people have about you. When two or more people have the same feeling, you have a brand. You get that feeling via smart design, which creates the experiences people have with the brand. The essence of the Apple brand comes through its design. Take the logo off a BMW and you still know it’s a BMW.”Brands need to create an emotional relationship with people.

“We are all emotional beings and we have emotional relationships with brands we trust” and we are here to make that happen. We need to “get” the essence of the brand. “For us to build a great brand, we need to understand it,” We need to understand the company history, its values, and what it means to people. “Design needs to be strategic from the outset. “For design to have a major impact, it’s got to get involved at the strategic level”. “It can’t be an afterthought or superficial trappings to be put on post product creation. Samsung’s brand became powerful only after they put a Chief Design Officer in place and made it a priority for the company.”


What makes a truly great logo



Why is developing your Brand so important?

A brand is the collection of feelings, thoughts, emotions and experiences (negative or positive) one person has about your product, service or company. A developed brand makes it easier for the customer to buy and makes it easier for the sales force to sell. It is this premise that makes brand strategy development an important central aspect of generating leads, acquiring new customers and growing business. You cannot compete effectively without brand development because if you don’t know what your brand stands for, how will your customers?




Our brand development strategy provides you with these 15 key points of brand communication:


  1. Industry trends and opportunities
  2. Competitor analysis
  3. Customer insights and expectations
  4. Stakeholder insights
  5. Buyer persona identification
  6. Communication audit
  7. Mission, vision and purpose (the why behind the what)
  8. Value proposition
  9. Claim of distinction
  10. Positioning
  11. Business strategy and goal setting
  12. Budgeting
  13. Employer branding
  14. Talent management & recruitment
  15. Go-to-market planning


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A strong brand stands out in a densely crowded marketplace. People fall in love with brands, trust them, and believe in their superiority. How a brand is perceived its success, regardless of whether it’s a start-up, a nonprofit, or a product.


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