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As the Hispanic market continues to make its presence known, businesses are trying to tap into the Hispanic spending power.

Marketing to Hispanics is not as easy as it used to be – generations respond to different tactics. Spanish TV ads won’t reach the entire Latin market.

They may get to the older Hispanics who watch mostly television, but if you want to target the younger generations, digital content in English and/or Spanish is the way to go.

Targeting young Hispanics is a good idea. The average age of Latinos in the U.S  is 28 compared to non-Hispanic whites at 42.

Wield the Power of Social Media

More than half of Hispanic mobile viewers choose their smartphones to watch videos and they are more likely to watch ads that relate to their culture. Also, videos are important for their purchasing decisions.

The percentage of Hispanics that use YouTube when they want to learn about a product is 75%.

Platforms Used by Hispanics

You may be thinking, “Okay Great. Marketing to Hispanics/Latinos is profitable, so let’s just translate our ads and let loose.” but let’s not be too hasty. First of all, it’s important to know your audience well. Knowing you both need and want to advertise and market to Hispanics is a great first step, but a company needs ads for Hispanics and not just Spanish language ads.

Companies who wish to enter the Hispanic market need to understand that just as much time, if not more, needs to be spent researching and targeting the Hispanic audience as they would spend on their traditional audience. For example, it’s important to understand which platforms are used by which Latinos.

The key to success here is having a strong online presence, specifically on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and Snapchat. Pew Research also reports larger percentages of Hispanics are using those apps than non-Hispanics in 2018.

By positioning your brand in a place where you know Latinos are at, you can take your first steps towards reaching and connecting with the Hispanic market. 

A2dd, LLC — Connecting you to the Hispanic Market

Our goal at A2dd Digital Marketing is to ensure that you’re able to reach Hispanics where they are. We’ll work with you to help define the direction your brand will take when marketing to Hispanics. We’ll help you get your message across efficiently and effectively.

Our team understands the needs, wants, and values of the Hispanic and Latino communities across Florida and we work to bridge these communities with companies who want to reach out to them. We offer a broad combination of creative design, digital marketing, advertisement consulting, and web development programs, as well as other traditional marketing and advertising techniques, geared towards improving company outreach to Hispanic market areas. We’ll help you go further than simply translating to Spanish, and help you develop custom content that is both culturally relevant and effective.

If you want to market to Hispanics then understanding their culture and community, as well as where they’re at and how they’re spending, is a must. Hispanic customers want to feel a connection with your brand, so let A2dd Digital Marketing be that connection. 


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