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If you need more web traffic and you’ve exhausted your personal knowledge and your team’s expertise, you need a digital marketing consultant.

1) Look for the Right-Sized Digital Marketing Consultant

A small, hungry marketing consulting agency may work harder for you. A company that hustles for all its digital marketing consultant jobs could bring a level of intensity to your business the big guns don’t.

TAKE ACTION: Determine what matters most to you: big-name cache, small-firm attention, and (of course) your marketing budget.

However, you ultimately have to judge online marketing consultants by one factor: results.

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2) Use the Right Metrics to Compare Digital Marketing Consultants

With so many digital marketing consultants out there, how do you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck?

Of course, if you can afford a top agency, you have some assurance of quality – though you may or may not get the personal attention you deserve. 

In addition to firm size, consider a variety of other factors:

  • How does this company present itself? The way a marketing company sells its services says a lot about how they will sell your solutions.
  • Does this agency feature a top-quality website?
  • Does this digital marketing consultant provide believable testimonials?
  • Use your gut and read between the lines; even better, find unsolicited reviews from customers of your prospective agencies.
  • Do your prospects have academic credentials?
  • If a company can improve your rankings, they should rank well themselves, right?

Agencies love to show off the logos of their big-name clients. Drill deeper and ask the important questions, especially with large digital marketing consultant companies. Find out what work they did for these clients – and for how long.

Ask which teams helped these large companies succeed, and whether you will work with the same experts (versus an inexperienced team of temps and newbies).

Sure, there’s a lot more to the digital marketing consultant game than SEO rankings, but it’s one good indicator of a solid marketing company. Since 80% of B2B customers use generic Google searches to begin their research, make sure all prospective agencies have this aspect of digital marketing on lock.

3) Focus on One Platform or Go Cross-Platform

If you’re trying to maximize your inbound marketing results, consider a website marketing consultant.

Someone who specializes in on-site lead generation, branding, and conversions might be the right fit for you.

However, do you really need this type of help?

Broad-scope digital marketing consultants can help you decide whether or not to hire website traffic consultants – or some other kind of assistance.

However, in many cases, you don’t know what you want. You don’t know the best media channels for your specific type of business. 

You need a digital marketing consultant with expertise in a vast range of specialties to help you create an appropriate marketing mix. Even better, you may want someone with a comprehensive knowledge of your particular niche/industry.

TAKE ACTION: Ask yourself if you need help with one specific aspect of your marketing infrastructure – or if you need help deciding where to focus your energies.


4) Go Broad or Go Niche

If you run a healthcare startup, look for agencies with a long track record of helping medical tech companies increase their valuations and attract investors. The more an agency knows about your particular niche, the better they can help you reach the right investors, board members, market/medical researchers, and consumers.

However, you may have an excellent on-the-ground relationship with your customers.

For example, if you run a local restaurant with lots of foot traffic and small-town appeal, you don’t need help reaching customers on a personal level. Instead, you need an agency that can help you attract consumers across a greater geographic and demographic range. 

Ask yourself:

  • How has my company found success so far?
  • Industry contacts? Grass-roots appeal?
  • Single-platform outreach?
  • Broad-scale visibility?

5) B2B or B2C

If you run a Business-to-Business company, do you really want a marketing agency that specializes in Business-to-Consumer strategies?

Of course, if you plan to step out of your comfort zone and start selling to a new audience, this would be a great plan.

However, in most cases, you want a B2B marketing consultant who understands not just your niche, platform etc.

6) Gut-Check Your Final Decision

TAKE ACTION: Check with your colleagues (including people above and below you on the corporate ladder) before making this decision.

Present all the facts you’ve gathered while reading this article and try to sell your peers on one agency or another. See if you can make a case for your favorite prospective digital marketing consultants.

Use plenty of facts, statistics, case studies, and testimonials; if you can convince the people in your office this is a good idea, you’ll feel better about your decision.

Even better, your people will be aware of the upcoming change and ready to offer/implement strategy improvements.

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