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Hi, I’m Savaq. Painter, Landscape Photographer, and Senior Art Director. Also, a member of the St. Pete Artworks on Central Ave.

Lately, I have been investigating new techniques on how to sell art online, which I have already been sharing with you. Selling online requires a time of dedication and discipline, but with the extraordinary work of each of you and this new recipe, I am pretty sure the time spent will be worth it.

How many of you need a website or a website update? I’ve been asked by a few of you for help. And I’m wondering if there is anyone else in need. Learn how to create a brand, and how to sell art on Etsy, Facebook, Instagram and Shopify

Please contact me here if you are interested in having us prepare a special artist/gallery website package. Otherwise, let us know if you prefer a flat fee or a subscription package.

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