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We’ve partnered up with JivoChat! 🙂

To provide industry-leading live chat to our customers, we have partnered with JivoChat, a professional chat for websites, developed to drive online sales. Of course, we are happy to recommend JivoChat thanks to our great experience with this provider. It simply works. As you can see, our own sites also have this installed.

Increase your sales up to 5 times

Site conversion could be increased up to 5 times and the average checkout total up to 2 times, thanks to the effective easy-to-use features of JivoChat. What’s more, sign-up through us and we’ll help you with your initial setup of up to 5 agents, totally free!

Simply use this link to sign up to JivoChat… or chat directly with us and we’ll take care of the entire setup process. If you are one of our existing managed-hosting customers, use Orchard CMS or WordPress, we can get you chatting the same day. And if that’s not enough, don’t forget to ask us about any discounts we may be able to arrange!


Connect with more customers and increase your online sales!

JivoChat is a fast, easy and stylish way to connect with your website visitors. Provide the info and help they need… and win their business.

One tool to rule them all

JivoChat allows visitors to talk to you from within other popular apps. You won’t fumble between multiple apps either – agents will conveniently receive all messages in the agents’ app.

Your team will respond to your customers much more quickly

The Agent App is easy to use and will integrate instantly into daily tasks. The result? A more efficient team, less distraction and all the tools they need to provide exceptional customer support!


Never miss a potential customer with the mobile app

At JivoChat we believe that the key to customer service kung-fu is to answer chats in 15 seconds. It’s the cornerstone of our app design – and we didn’t stop there: we created mobile apps to ensure you can chat with customers at all times!