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referral program for private practice therapists

Referral Program for SMALL BUSINESS, COACHES AND Private Practice Therapists

Free Website Maintenance and Support.

Free Website Maintenance is available.
Sound too good to be true?

You are probably busy with all the other tasks of running your business. 

Let’s take a look at your small business website and review what needs to be updated. We can update your WordPress plugins and software version, and change some old pictures and web content. Need to update your staff bio pages? No problem. We can do that as well. The process is simple. Fill out the form below, refer a new company that needs our services, and submits a request for Free Website Maintenance referral program.

We will review your website software code, plugins, and template. After we finish the web audit, we will send you a list with the web report. 

After you fill out the referral program, you’ll receive an email from us with a link to our program that offers all our services. If your friends use your link selecting one of our services, they will get a 10% Discount on any Digital Marketing Services marked in our packages, and your Free Website Maintenance and Support request will be approved.

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referral program for coaches and private practice therapists
digital marketing strategy for your private practice
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Ready to work together?

Schedule a 30. min. Brand Design Consultation
I want to tackle my marketing on my ownI want a personalized support for my practice

With our Free Website Maintenance and Support holiday referral program, we can look at your current website and troubleshoot the most common problems. Many times a problem with an existing site is simple to fix. You just need an experienced person to look at the settings and code. We can set up a remote desktop support session which would allow us to show you exactly what needs to be updated to avoid issues in the future.

This FREE WEBSITE MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT is open to any entrepreneur who

  • Is serious about starting a business or taking her business to the next level.
  • Has a signature style or unique product/services to share with the world.
  • Has familiarized themselves with our style and wants to work with us.
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(1-hour Zoom Meeting).

We will share screens and review the details of your server, CMS, web backup, and Google integration.


  • Light Web Audit
    Website Audit Checklist: CMS, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Page speed calculators.
  • UX/UI Design
    Design/UX website audit checklist (Navigation, Functionality, Forms, Text, Visual design, Perception)
  • Hosting Service Revision
    (Sharing screens. No credentials necessary).
  • Backup System Revision
    (Sharing screens. No credentials necessary).
  • Five (5) Pictures Update
    We will replace five pictures in your entire website.
  • Five (5) Pages Text Update
    We will update text web only on five pages in your entire website.
  • Last WordPress Version Update
    Only if it is necessary.
  • WordPress Plugins Update
    Only if it is necessary.

Note: This BASIC FREE WEB MAINTENANCE AND SUPPORT LIGHT PACKAGE doesn’t include brand design, web design, deep web code analysis, new web design template, software development, SEO settings, marketing strategy, or any other service doesn’t include in the bullet points list.

The Fine Print

You have questions, we have answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ section below, use our online submission form.

Is Open to all U.S. Residents

The REFERRAL PROGRAM is open to all U.S. residents over the age of 18.


A2dd, LLC reserves the right to change or cancel this giveaway at any time, for any reason.

No deposit required

No deposit is required. Payment is only required if the client chooses to add hours to the project that are not included in the original project scope.

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We will announce the winner in mid-February 2023 on the Facebook Group Page. Follow Us!

No Cash Value

This referral program has no sponsors and no cash value.


The potential referrer will be contacted via email. If a response is not received, we will remove the new contact information of our list.


By submitting an application, you accept the rules above. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

Can I transfer the FREE Maintenance Website and Support?

The Free Maintenance Website and Support cannot be transferred to another person. 


Hi, I’m Daniel.

Senior art director, visual artist, executive marketing consultant and founder of A2dd Branding & Digital Marketing based in St. Petersburg, Fl.

Our experience in SEO, online marketing, branding, UI design, and advertising has given us the experience of working in many industries such as technology, hospitality, non-profit organizations, coaches, private practice, and therapists.

To stay top of mind and capture your ideal client, you need a strong brand and digital marketing strategy. That’s where we come in. From website design to keyword selection and optimization, our full-service marketing program is designed to help grow your practice organically through the right channels. With a proven track record of increasing leads by 300 percent and driving more business through referrals, social media and online advertising than any other marketing firm specializing in mental health professionals, we’re your source for a complete digital marketing plan that works!

Let’s plan your next digital marketing strategy!

We help WordPress beginners start their Business/Blog


We are so confident the that you will like the service, but just to make your decision easy we guarantee that if you are not happy with our service we will refund your money at any time.

Join us today and let us take your website to the next level.

Do you need help with your WordPress site?

One-Time Fix

wordpress maintenance tampa st petersburg one wp time

Explain the issue

Provide us with all the information about the issue through our ticketing system, after which you will provide the required logins.

Troubleshot execution

We copy your website to the staging environment in order to debug the issue and don’t harm the live website in the process. After the issue is resolved we apply the fix on the live website.

Pay For The Results

After we fix the issue and you review the website and confirm the 100% success of the work, you will get the payment link.


Marketing your practice doesn’t have to be this hard.

Let us Help You!


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