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Unveling the future – Digital Marketing for Private Practice Therapists

Should a therapist have a Website?

Do you want more traffic?

Are You Missing Out on Clients?

Imagine this: You’re a therapist with a passion for helping others navigate life’s challenges. You’ve dedicated years to honing your skills and building your practice, but there’s one thing holding you back—your online presence. You’ve heard the buzz about needing a website, but you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment.

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Why You Need a Web Presence

Meet Sarah, a therapist just like you. She struggled with the same question: Do I need a website? But when Sarah partnered with A2dd Branding and Digital Marketing, everything changed. A2dd helped her establish a strong web presence, making it easier for potential clients to find her online. Suddenly, Sarah’s calendar was filling up with new appointments, and her practice was thriving.

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Crafting Your Unique Online Identity

Your website is more than just an online brochure—it’s your digital storefront, your virtual therapy room. It’s where clients go to learn about you, your approach, and how you can help them. With A2dd Branding and Digital Marketing, you’ll have the opportunity to tell your story, showcase your expertise, and connect with potential clients on a deeper level.

Do You Need a Website?

Sarah’s story isn’t unique. Having a personalized website is a game-changer for most therapists. It allows you to stand out, connect with clients, and control your online narrative. Especially if you specialize in working with tech-savvy demographics like young professionals or college students, a website tailored to your practice can be invaluable.

social media marketing
social media marketing

Maximizing Your Reach

Your website isn’t just a static presence—it’s a dynamic platform that can help you reach more clients and grow your practice. With search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media integration, you can expand your reach and attract clients who may not have found you otherwise.

What Your Website Can Do

With your own website, you have creative freedom to showcase your unique approach and specialties. You can answer common questions, provide resources, and create a welcoming space for potential clients. Plus, a website helps you get found online for a broader range of topics and specialties.

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Building Your Website Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Forget the hefty fees—building a professional website is more accessible than ever. With platforms like WordPress, Kajabi, and Kartra you can create a stunning website without draining your budget. Plus, we’re here at A2dd Branding and Digital Marketing to guide you every step of the way.

Ready to Elevate Your Practice?

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your practice and reach more clients. Let’s craft a custom website that speaks to your expertise and attracts your ideal clients. Get started today and unlock the full potential of your therapy practice with tailored web design for therapists.

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At A2dd Branding & Digital Marketing, we work with private practices and mental health organizations nationwide to connect patients with the care they need across all service lines. Our mental health marketing services packages are specifically designed to interact with consumers at their moment of need, inform them of the need for care and inspire them to take the appropriate action.

We also know that capacity in mental health services can be challenging, and we align our proposed strategies to the population health aspect of raising awareness and education around these issues.

Our integrated suite of mental health digital marketing services include:


  • Brand design and brand development—Your brand needs to permeate your entire organization. When your organization is clear on the brand and can deliver on the promise of the brand, you will see tremendous fruit while building brand loyalty among your customer base.
  • Web / UX & UI Design—We offer prototyping, branding, UI (User interface) and UX (user experience) design for web and mobile products. Our approach is simple: we focus on how actual people will use our products.
  • Paid search campaigns—cost-effective targeting and turnkey execution of mental health marketing campaigns to connect people most urgently seeking help
  • Social media marketing—precision targeting on Facebook and Instagram that educates and engages your target audience
  • Unique landing pages—highly targeted with strategic, clear and conversion-focused content and calls to action that remove the guesswork from getting help
  • Reporting and optimization—real-time access to analytics dashboards, plus regular reporting discussions to drive ongoing campaign optimizations.As a leading agency for mental health marketing services, we’re here to help guide your community to better health and grow volume for these essential services.

Digital Marketing for Mental Health Agencies and Therapists


Step-by-step learn how to make great branding and digital marketing strategies for your small business.

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New Field

The internet is the most widely used means of communication today.

This is why it is used with frequency compared with any other form of outreach. When you are planning marketing your practice, you need to consider the internet as a potential medium for reaching out to a huge audience. You can make use of blogs, Twitter, Facebook and any other social networking sites to sell your services.


Hi, I’m Daniel.

Senior art director, visual artist, marketing consultant and project manger of A2dd Branding & Digital Marketing based in St. Petersburg, Fl.

Our experience in SEO, online marketing, branding, UI design, and advertisinghas given us the experience of working in many industries such as technology, startups, hospitality, non-profit, mental health, and private practices.

To stay top of mind and capture your ideal client, you need a strong digital marketing strategy. That’s where we come in. From website design to keyword selection and optimization, our full-service marketing program is designed to help grow your practice organically through the right channels. With a proven track record of increasing leads by 300 percent and driving more business through referrals, social media and online advertising than any other marketing firm specializing in mental health professionals, we’re your source for a complete digital marketing plan that works!

Let’s plan your next digital marketing strategy!

What People Say

Robert Paredes
Robert Paredes
Highly recommend. Daniel was able to get my website to the top of the searches in lightning speed. Always available to help when needed.
Angela Touchton
Angela Touchton
Fantastic to work with and beautiful results. I highly recommend!!
Dr. Christopher Kastner (Aiki Wellness Center)
Dr. Christopher Kastner (Aiki Wellness Center)
Professional, real advice on how to increase your online presence and SEO with just a few simple changes to your website and social media pages. They really care about your business and helping you grow it to its top potential.
Priscilla Kiessig
Priscilla Kiessig
I can't thank Daniel enough for the help he gave me in learning how to upgrade my website, learning about SEO and making it easier to reach clients. I highly recommend them!
Fabiana Lowe
Fabiana Lowe
A2dd created my learning and podcast logo: Film In-House. Daniel at A2dd was professional and timely with the design samples and the final product. I highly recommend A2dd for your marketing needs.
Brittany Krippner
Brittany Krippner
This company knows what they are doing when it comes to marketing! I worked with Daniel and his team to improve my website, SEO, and create Google Ads. He made the process very easy and educated me about every question I had. This is a great company and you will NOT be disappointed if you work with them.
Professional, personal, honest, straightforward, effective. These guys have the tools and know how to use them! If your sales need a jumpstart or you want a marketing program and a branding strategy that truly represents your business and services or products the way you want to.. hit up these guys.. they are very talented and continue to exceed our expectations!
Daniel Irby
Daniel Irby
Me and my wife are planning on starting our own small business. We took Daniel's "How to Market Your Business Online" webinar and were extremely happy with the information he provided. He answered all our questions, which has helped us identify where we should focus our efforts when marketing to our clients and building trust. We can't wait to put all this information to work for us!
Cynthia Santana
Cynthia Santana
I used the services of A2DD Branding & Digital Marketing to launch my astrology website. Danilo is very professional, knowledgeable and takes his time explaining all the details and benefits. The website came out amazing, I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking to create a website, branding and marketing consultation and help.
Jennifer Agee
Jennifer Agee
Daniel and his team are amazing! They created a logo for my business and built out a robust website. I highly recommend working with their team.