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Marketing Goals 2024


Your goals – expanding the end-user customer base, fortifying the Zoppinh website presence, and amplifying your reach across various platforms – resonate deeply with the direction many successful campaigns have taken. Leveraging our experience and expertise, I’m enthusiastic about contributing to the success of these initiatives.
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Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing is an important aspect of any business strategy, and we offer a comprehensive package that includes SEO, web design, social media, video and branding services. Our approach involves maintaining order and consistency in the campaign structure to achieve the desired goals. We have divided the work into three months, working approximately 15-20 hours per week. If there are any urgent marketing projects that are not included in the work plan, we may engage the services of However, these services will be budgeted separately. The order of the strategy can vary depending on the client’s needs or opportunities that arise for the marketing strategy.

Our team of marketing professionals will exchange ideas and strategies with you, and we will have two meetings per month to discuss progress. We offer this service at a very competitive price compared to the market price and guarantee results.

Below is a breakdown of a 3-month project plan for each of the three points mentioned earlier, encompassing various digital marketing services:



The benefits that Zoppinh can obtain from this new way of creating sales and led generation for a target with such a different behavior which B2C represents are the following:


  • New funnel and landing pages under the same web domain,
  • Content creation such as subliminal messages, persuasive headlines, keyword planning, and new marketing material to offer different types of clients decision-making faster.
  • Strategic plan.
  • Marketing consultation.
  • Sales tracking
  • Lead capture
  • Follow-up
Robert Paredes
Robert Paredes
Highly recommend. Daniel was able to get my website to the top of the searches in lightning speed. Always available to help when needed.
Angela Touchton
Angela Touchton
Fantastic to work with and beautiful results. I highly recommend!!
Dr. Christopher Kastner (Aiki Wellness Center)
Dr. Christopher Kastner (Aiki Wellness Center)
Professional, real advice on how to increase your online presence and SEO with just a few simple changes to your website and social media pages. They really care about your business and helping you grow it to its top potential.
Priscilla Kiessig
Priscilla Kiessig
I can't thank Daniel enough for the help he gave me in learning how to upgrade my website, learning about SEO and making it easier to reach clients. I highly recommend them!
Fabiana Lowe
Fabiana Lowe
A2dd created my learning and podcast logo: Film In-House. Daniel at A2dd was professional and timely with the design samples and the final product. I highly recommend A2dd for your marketing needs.
Brittany Krippner
Brittany Krippner
This company knows what they are doing when it comes to marketing! I worked with Daniel and his team to improve my website, SEO, and create Google Ads. He made the process very easy and educated me about every question I had. This is a great company and you will NOT be disappointed if you work with them.
Professional, personal, honest, straightforward, effective. These guys have the tools and know how to use them! If your sales need a jumpstart or you want a marketing program and a branding strategy that truly represents your business and services or products the way you want to.. hit up these guys.. they are very talented and continue to exceed our expectations!
Daniel Irby
Daniel Irby
Me and my wife are planning on starting our own small business. We took Daniel's "How to Market Your Business Online" webinar and were extremely happy with the information he provided. He answered all our questions, which has helped us identify where we should focus our efforts when marketing to our clients and building trust. We can't wait to put all this information to work for us!
Cynthia Santana
Cynthia Santana
I used the services of A2DD Branding & Digital Marketing to launch my astrology website. Danilo is very professional, knowledgeable and takes his time explaining all the details and benefits. The website came out amazing, I definitely would recommend him to anyone looking to create a website, branding and marketing consultation and help.
Jennifer Agee
Jennifer Agee
Daniel and his team are amazing! They created a logo for my business and built out a robust website. I highly recommend working with their team.

Before and After a Lead Generation

BEFORE Lead Generation

Here’s a step-by-step lead generation strategy for reaching B2C customers and promoting network equipment, including the integration of Google AdWords. This strategy aims to attract, engage, and convert potential customers while optimizing your budget:

Step 1: Define Your Target Audience

Identify your ideal customers based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and needs. Consider factors like job roles, industries, tech-savviness, and geographical locations.

Step 2: Set Clear Goals

Determine specific, measurable goals for your lead generation campaign. For example, aim to generate a certain number of qualified leads within a specified time frame.

Step 3: Create Compelling Landing Pages

Develop dedicated landing pages for different product categories or offerings within your network equipment range. Each landing page should have clear headlines, product descriptions, benefits, and prominent CTAs.

Step 4: Google AdWords Campaign Setup

Allocate a portion of your marketing budget to Google AdWords. Follow these sub-steps:

  1. Keyword Research: Identify relevant keywords that your target audience might use when searching for network equipment.

  2. Campaign Creation: Create a campaign for each product category or offering. Use relevant keywords, ad groups, and ad formats.

  3. Ad Creation: Develop engaging ad copy with a focus on benefits and solutions. Include strong CTAs that lead to your dedicated landing pages.

  4. Landing Page Alignment: Ensure the content and design of your ads and landing pages are consistent and provide a seamless experience.

Step 5: Implement Conversion Tracking

Install conversion tracking codes on your website to monitor user actions, such as form submissions or purchases. This helps you measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Step 6: Optimize for Mobile

Ensure that your landing pages and ads are mobile-responsive. Many users will access your content through mobile devices.

Step 7: Leverage Ad Extensions

Utilize ad extensions in your Google AdWords campaigns to provide additional information, such as site links, callouts, and structured snippets.

Step 8: Budget Allocation / Bidding Strategy

Allocate your marketing budget based on the competitiveness of keywords and the potential ROI. Set bidding strategies that align with your goals, whether it’s maximizing clicks, conversions, or ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Step 9: Launch and Monitor

Launch your Google AdWords campaigns. Regularly monitor their performance, including click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, and cost per conversion.

Step 10: A/B Testing

Continuously test different ad variations, headlines, CTAs, and landing page elements. Use A/B testing to identify what resonates best with your audience.

Step 11: Remarketing Campaigns

Set up remarketing campaigns to target users who have previously visited your website. Remind them of your offerings and encourage them to complete actions they might have abandoned.

Step 12: Content Marketing

In parallel with your paid campaigns, create informative and engaging content related to network equipment. This can include blog posts, how-to guides, and videos that showcase the benefits of your products.

Step 13: Social Media Promotion

Promote your content through social media channels where your target audience is active. Share valuable insights and establish your brand as an industry authority.

Step 14: Email Marketing

Implement email capture forms on your landing pages to build an email subscriber list. Send targeted emails with personalized product recommendations and special offers.

Step 15: Continuous Optimization

Regularly analyze campaign performance and make data-driven adjustments. Allocate budget to campaigns that generate the most leads and conversions.

By following these steps and continuously optimizing your approach, you can develop a comprehensive lead generation strategy that leverages Google AdWords and other digital marketing tactics to effectively reach your B2C audience and promote network equipment.

AFTER Lead Generation

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of the process after a potential client is generated through lead generation:

Lead Capture

Once a potential client shows interest and provides their contact information through various lead generation methods, such as filling out a form on a landing page or subscribing to a newsletter, their details are captured and stored in a database.

Initial Contact

The first step is to initiate contact with the potential client. This could be an automated response confirming their submission and setting expectations for further communication.

Lead Segmentation

Depending on the information collected during the lead generation process, you can segment leads based on factors like their industry, interests, or the products/services they’re interested in. This allows for more personalized communication.

Lead Nurturing

Not all potential clients are ready to make an immediate purchase. Lead nurturing involves providing valuable content such as educational emails, blog posts, or webinars to build trust, address their pain points, and guide them through the decision-making process.

Personalized Communication
As you learn more about the potential client’s needs and preferences, personalize your communication. Send relevant information, case studies, or success stories that demonstrate how your products or services can specifically benefit them.
Sales Outreach

When a potential client shows a higher level of interest and engagement, it’s time for the sales team to step in. They can initiate more direct conversations, understand the client’s requirements in-depth, and offer tailored solutions

Product/Service Presentation

Present your products or services in a way that aligns with the potential client’s needs. Highlight how your offerings solve their challenges and provide value

Addressing Concerns
Address any questions, objections, or concerns the potential client may have. Provide transparent and informative responses to build trust.
Customized Proposals

Develop customized proposals or quotes that outline the specific solutions you’re offering, including pricing, timelines, and any other relevant details.

If there’s a delay in the potential client’s decision-making process, follow up at appropriate intervals. This shows your commitment and willingness to accommodate their needs.
Post-Sale Follow-Up
Maintain communication even after the sale. Follow up to gather feedback, ensure their satisfaction, and identify opportunities for upselling or cross-selling in the future.
Customer Relationship Management
As the client relationship evolves, use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track interactions, preferences, and purchase history. This helps in providing a more personalized experience in the long term.
Feedback and Referrals
Encourage clients to provide feedback and testimonials. Satisfied clients can also be a valuable source of referrals for new leads.

Hi, I’m Daniel.

Executive Marketing Consultant and founder of A2dd Branding & Digital Marketing based in St. Petersburg, Fl.

Our experience in SEO, online marketing, branding, UI design, and advertising has given us the experience of working in many industries such as technology, startups, hospitality, non-profit, mental health, and private practices.

To stay top of mind and capture your ideal client, you need a strong digital marketing strategy. That’s where we come in. From website design to keyword selection and optimization, our full-service marketing program is designed to help grow your practice organically through the right channels. With a proven track record of increasing leads by 300 percent and driving more business through referrals, social media and online advertising than any other marketing firm specializing in mental health professionals, we’re your source for a complete digital marketing plan that works!

Let’s plan your next digital marketing strategy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our FAQ section below, use our online submission form.

What are the essential elements I need to provide before starting the digital marketing and web process?

Before initiating the digital marketing and web process, we kindly request that clients provide the following materials: high-quality pictures, videos, page headlines, web menu structure, and web content. These assets are essential for us to create a tailored and visually appealing website that accurately represents your business. It’s important to note that any additional web changes or modifications beyond the chosen web package may incur extra charges. We will provide a new quote for your approval before proceeding with such updates.

Can I participate in the web and digital marketing process?

Absolutely! We encourage client involvement in the selection of pictures, color palettes, and fonts to ensure the website reflects your preferences. 

How can I initiate discussions regarding my digital marketing services?

To initiate discussions regarding your digital marketing services, we kindly request that you schedule a Zoom meeting with our team. During this meeting, we will gather all the necessary information about your requirements and objectives. 

Are the mentioned rates applicable to all web platforms?

Yes, the rates we quote are applicable to CMS (Content Management System) websites, including popular platforms such as WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Kajabi, and Kartra. If you have a different web platform in mind or require a custom solution, please let us know, and we will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote based on your specific needs.

Can I cancel at any time?

We hope that you will be delighted with the service we provide at and remain a long standing customer. Please, review our Refund Policy page for more information.

Terms and Conditions

Please, review our terms and conditions page for more information.

How are changes and modifications handled beyond the initial digital marketing project?

We offer two sets of changes and modifications as part of our digital marketing package. Any graphic/web design, video or digital marketing services that are not included in this agreement will be treated as a separate project. Alternatively, if the changes are smaller in scale, we will charge on an hourly basis.

What is included in each group of changes?*

Each group of changes covers various aspects of your website, including web section positions, photos, iconography, headlines, video link changes, content, paragraphs, color schemes, fonts, and font sizes. We meticulously address these elements to ensure your website’s aesthetics and functionality align with your brand and resonate with your target audience.

Do any of your web design and development packages include an ADA-compliant website service?

No, while our standard packages do not include an ADA-compliant website service, we do offer ADA compliance as an additional service to ensure your website meets the necessary accessibility standards.

ADA compliance requires the installation of specific plugins that are not included in our standard packages. These plugins can be quite expensive, typically costing around $1300 per year (license). However, we are more than happy to take on the task of implementing ADA compliance for your website as an additional project.

We can prepare a customized quote that includes the cost of the necessary plugins, as well as the implementation and configuration of those plugins for your website’s ADA compliance.

We understand the importance of accessibility and are committed to helping our clients meet the necessary compliance standards. Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions or to discuss your specific needs. We’re here to assist you in creating an inclusive and accessible online presence.

How do I share the necessary files for my website?

To facilitate a seamless design process, we request that clients create a Google Drive or Dropbox folder containing all the necessary pictures for each section of every page. We also accept videos and pictures for backgrounds if you prefer. It’s important to provide these materials within 30 days to ensure timely progress in the selection and integration of photos and videos into the design.



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